In a world that tries to define who we are, we women have decided to take control and create our own story. We are first of all two girls, two designers. When the jewels on the market failed to represent our true essence, we decided to act. We clutched markers and designed jewelry that reflects our strength, our empowerment and our independence.

Courage to women like you, who know what they want and stop at nothing to get it. By wearing our jewels, you carry with you a message of power and freedom. Not just for you, but for all of us who face the world with determination and courage.

These jewels are the extension of your personality.

Every time you wear them, remember that you have the power to be the protagonist of your life, the queen of your destiny.

From Florence, Italian values and design

Born in Florence in 2018, our brand boasts a solid structure capable of drawing on the values ​​of art, beauty and culture linked to our city and its history, and transmitting them through our jewels.

The elegant Italian design, in fact, combined with the impeccable manufacturing, is what makes our collections unique and recognisable. Quality materials, from plating to stone, make ours a valuable and extremely durable product even if used daily.

Brighter than a diamond

Each creation is made by our artisans with extreme care and attention to detail.
Our jewels are made of 925 silver, with 18k gold plating and precious 5A cut stones, a choice dictated by the desire to give greater brilliance to each of our products. This cut is in fact known to be the best, as it gives the stone greater hardness, resistance and brightness.

Created to last over time

In addition to the extreme brilliance of the stones, the particularity of our products lies in the quality of the plating, which is thicker than the average currently on the market.
This makes our jewels resistant and long-lasting, perfect to accompany you in all your special moments. By choosing De Carlo you will be able to wear high quality jewelery that will accompany you for many years, giving elegance and sophistication to your every look.


Join many other sisters. Moms. Friends. Daughters. Women...and discover the meaning of truly being yourself, wearing not a simple jewel, but a symbol that contains unique values ​​that unite us. Like a big family.

Together We Shine.